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Haven’t we all wondered how to better parent or teach with more substance and understanding? As a colleague, I have observed Samantha inspire both teachers and parents to reflect and delve into the inner lives of their children. She demonstrates a deep understanding of young children and their parents. As each child and situation is unique, Samantha, with her years of hands-on experience in the classroom and parent consultations, can bring sensitivity, understanding and practices that will support the child in the classroom and at home.

Eileen L.

There are certain people in this world that children are drawn to — and Samantha is one of them. Samantha understands children and leads with love and patience. Children respond to her. Samantha has been a guiding light for our family by empowering us to be better parents by listening to our specific needs, educating us on developmental growth and personality and then providing us with an amazing set of versatile tools. Her creative ideas and the tools she provides are simple but so deeply insightful. And she has answers to so, so many different dynamic situations. Samantha has helped us to understand and connect with our children and we are so thankful for the more rich and healthy connection we have because of it. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Samantha on their team will see positive improvements with their children and their parenting — and everyone at home will have a more full heart.

LaRue R.

Samantha brings out the confidence in me. As a mom of twin boys, I feared going out with them on my own. With a firm yet gentle approach, she helped me realize that I was more capable than I believed. Overcoming this challenge snowballed to further successes – courage to have them experience their first puddle, dirt exploration and so much more. I felt so proud! I will forever be thankful for her support and wisdom.

Years later, Samantha saw situations in my life that I never questioned — therefore I would never have thought to change anything. But her insight helped balance my whole life. She assisted in my search for a co-op preschool where I can be involved in my twins’ life and have time for myself. When you are a parent, sometimes you don’t even realize you are drowning. Samantha is a life vest and kept me afloat.

Samantha has helped me feel confident in many of my decisions regarding my children’s lives. If you want a great coach with excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic, you can do no better than Samantha. I highly recommend her.

Jocelyn H.

I am SO happy to write this review. I first met Samantha working together in the summer of 2017. I was a new teacher fresh out of college and we were working in the same classroom. The first time I saw Samantha interacting with children I knew I wanted to be just like her. Samantha has a way of talking to children that is respectful towards them and their intelligence. When I see her help children work through problems I am always amazed at how she creates a safe space where children feel seen and heard. It is both kind and straightforward and I believe it helps the children understand all sides of the situation. As a teacher, Samantha has helped me learn different tools when handling challenging behaviors. Whether it be approaching one child with humor because they are more sensitive, or giving simple words to a group to describe a problematic situation that needs to be addressed, she has really helped me find the right language to get through to children. I’ve always considered Samantha to be a mentor. She has a lot of experience yet continues to stay active and informed in the child development, early education and parenting communities. She is a wealth of knowledge and an asset to have if you are raising young children or working with them.

Jessica B.

I am a better mom because of Samantha’s influence! No more screen time battles.

Samantha is an empathetic listener who is so good at validating, encouraging and grounding me in seeing the whole situation clearly. She helps me step away from the problem, provides perspective that makes me a more empathetic mom and finds solutions that REALLY work.

My child has a lot of difficulty with separation anxiety and social anxiety (to the point he would run away from me and the playdate/class into a city sideway and decide he’d go back to the car by himself). With Samantha’s advice, she helped me focus first on self care and creating safe boundaries for my son. Then we came up with solutions (reducing triggers, externalizing big feelings, getting his motor running before the class or playdate or school drop off, “acting out” tricky situations with toys or stuffies, and providing “brave fruit snacks” upon arrival to the class/playdate). These solutions helped me be a better, less reactive mom and helped my son learn coping skills that help him through situations that are anxiety producing. It helps that Samantha truly remembers what it was like to be a child and gives me perspective on how we as adults cope with or feel these big feelings and deal with them in different ways.

Samantha is a very experienced preschool teacher, parent coach and understands that child development is two steps forward, one step back.

Debbie W.

While there’s no instruction manual when it comes to kids… having Sam Grey to answer my many parenting questions feels like the next best thing! Sam is extremely knowledgeable… kind, resourceful, and most importantly, totally non-judgemental. I can describe situations in which I did the completely wrong thing (truly, objectively) and she’ll laugh with me, empathize, and then help me troubleshoot solutions for what I can do next time… because there’s always a next time! When my 5 year old was having major meltdowns during transition times, Sam gave me endless ideas for how to encourage flexibility in fun and engaging ways: with role play, improv games, giving praise, creating visuals, setting expectations in advance: truly the list of suggestions went on and on. Each one was simple, manageable, loving, and something I could easily see fitting into our lives. Sam sent me visuals of how to make a routine chart so I didn’t get lost in the wormhole that is pinterest, and gave me book recommendations both for myself and for my daughter to read on the subject. As I tried her suggestions, she was always available to answer my questions, troubleshoot alternatives, or just to celebrate my (and my daughter’s) successes! Sam’s knowledge of books: both for preschoolers and parents is vast, and her recommendations are always spot on: whether it’s a picture book to help my 3 year old with separation anxiety, or a parenting book on how to create a family meeting ritual, whenever I start with “Sam, do you know a book that would be good for…” I’m certain to get exactly what I’m looking for. Finally, I can text her things like “on a scale of 1 to 10, how much will I regret buying kinetic sand?” and she’ll answer me with the truth. (It’s a mess, but it’s worth it) I’m so grateful to have Sam’s experience, perspective and child development wisdom to help me with the many challenges (and joys!) of raising kids.

Becky L.

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