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What happened to that idyllic picture you had in your mind when you first became a parent or teacher? Is it gone forever? Does it seem like everyone else has it figured out somehow? Do you find yourself wondering if your students are trying to make you mad? Are you feeling like your child is the boss of the whole family? Do you question whether or not a behavior is typical or worrisome? Parenting and teaching young children may not be for the faint of heart, but there is hope, help, and answers for your questions.

We understand that life is busy and budgets don’t always leave room for expensive, ongoing therapy. Our flexible coaching sessions range from 10 minutes to one hour, and you never have to commit to multiple sessions. During each session, we’ll share helpful hints based on the experiences of parents and teachers we’ve known with kids who are now grown! Even when those unexpected questions pop up, we’ve got you covered—our convenient texting option ensures that help is always within reach. We look forward to showing you tried-and-true methods to make parenting and teaching enjoyable again.

Rapport [ra-pohr]: a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.


To achieve rapport we first have to establish trust. We trust people that are interested in what we think and feel. Relationships flourish when we presume that another person has good intentions, and that includes the relationships we have with the children in our lives. All people, even little ones, want to be known, seen, and appreciated. Like you, your child is doing the best they can with what tools they have. Every time you assume the best of your child, you take a step toward enjoying parenting again.

You may feel like your challenges are unique to you and your child, but trust us—most situations are more common than you think. That is why we bring a collaborative approach to each coaching session. We listen carefully to your situation and offer simple, easy-to-follow recommendations that have smoothed the bumpy road for other people just like you. Why learn things the hard way in isolation when other parents and teachers have already worked through the difficulties you’re facing today?

Understanding children is hard enough, so when you need help, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get it. That is why we pride ourselves on providing help to those who just need a quick lifeline from time to time. Our 10-minute mini coaching sessions and texting line are just a couple of the ways we make ourselves available. Video calls, site or home visits, or face-to-face meetings at a neutral location (like a coffee shop) are also possible ways for us to support you.

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With 30 years of experience as a preschool educator, Samantha knows firsthand the challenges parents and teachers of little ones face. But she hasn’t always been an expert in what actually works with toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students. In her first few years of teaching, she would have loved to work with a mentor each day who could have shared the secrets to navigating common (and not-so-common) parenting and teaching challenges. There are some things you just can’t learn in a textbook. After years of gathering tips and tricks to make classroom environments and relationships flow more smoothly, Samantha is thrilled to be your guide to relationship-based results.

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Let’s find out if Rapport can help you. You know your children best, and we know how children and adults tend to get stuck. Our suggestions have helped other teachers and families with questions. Together we can shift dynamics in a more positive direction!

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